I am hosting two  GRAND RE-OPENING EVENTS at my completely new and larger Toy's Art Gallery!  I am so proud of my new design and excited as much to have you tour all 6 floors of my art gallery architecture as much as the 50 artworks that I now have on display!

I invite all of you - both my fellow Secondlife Artists as well as Art Lovers of SecondLife to be my guest at one of the two events I am hosting this coming Sunday July 17th @ 1pm slt & Monday July 18th @ 7pm slt..

 Following are the details of these two events:

    Toy's Art Gallery
        >  GROJNOWSKI  34 / 18 / 1002
        >  SLURL: 

Two Celebration Event to satisfy all timezones:
  >  1st Event :     SUNDAY  JULY 17th  @  1PM  slt
  >  2nd Event :    MONDAY JULY 18th  @  7PM slt

    >  Dress Code:  I will say formal since most of you will anyway :)
    >  When You Arrive & Rez :  Follow the dimly lit path up the spiral
    >  The Tour:
        >  5 floors of 50 of my artworks - many have never been seen in SL !
        >  The 6th floor Starfield Patio where the reception will be after you finish your tour


Over the past 5+ weeks, I have worked on a COMPLETE REDESIGN of my "Toy's Art Gallery" from the one I just finished building back in February of this year.  The old Art Gallery was invaluable to me in providing initial design aspects / ideas for both my new home I built this spring and this new Art Gallery.  Actually the old Gallery and my subsequent home designs are
evolutions of improvements to this new Gallery.  

Unfortunately my old Art Gallery filled up with my art in only a matter of two months.  Also, I wanted to incorporate all my new building designs into my new Gallery and retro-fitting the old was not feasible.  So I built a new one from scratch and then spent over two weeks slide it into the exact position of the old one so that the TP POINT would not have to change.  I want to also thank a good SL friend COCO - who has some incredible texturing talents - for spending an entire evening with me one night to work on the foundational gallery floor / stairs / brickwork design.  Thanks to her input, the Gallery looks even that much more elegant and stylish.

I am personally so proud of this design and so excited to show it off to you all.  Some of the cool design facts and aspects you will see during your tour:

1)  Wanted a UNIQUE and ARTISTIC Entrance into my Gallery - one that fit the title of the event "MIRAGES OF ART".  I hope you will see how the title and my gallery entrance fit.

2)  The floors are all modular and plug together like Lego Blocks.  I can add a new floor in a couple minutes.

3)  An amazing centerpiece Spiral Staircase design thru the entire spine of the gallery.

4)  An efficient and inviting circular floor design for easy viewing of all the art on the floor and soften the floor's spirit by removing edges.

5)  Amazing selection of textures on the ceilings, floors, and center stairs to
add elegance but also darkened to add focus on the art.
6)  A Top Floor Starfield surround patio for large gatherings / receptions / events.

7)  The entire build without art is only between 80-90 prims for 6 floors !

8)  Custom developed Artwall texture that simulates top-lit art frames to reduce prim count.

9)  Each art work also provide the visitor with an ARTIST's COMMENTS notecard when touched to tell the visitor what I was thinking about, any unique aspects of the art, and all credits to any other input artists when I created the art.

I also plan on packaging up my ART GALLERY BUILDING BUILD to sell to anyone that would like to use my design as a foundation to their own Gallery, home, store, or whatever.

 I look forward to seeing you all.  Please pass this invite to any / all of your friends.

Toysoldier Thor

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