Awesome!!  I won the appeal my with Google regarding my TOYSOLDIER THOR name not being a violation of their Google+ Account Name policy.

My Toysoldier Thor gmail account has been active for over 2 years now but because of all the frustration that my fellow SecondLife™ residents encountered with having their Avatar resident names being rejected by Google's PLUS name policy, I decided to not register Toysoldier Thor as a Google+ account. 

That was until last week when I posted a comment to another person's blog, it asked me to validate and I used "Validate with Google+" which ended up initiating my Google+ for Toy.  At the very end of the Google+ validation, their Account Name policy rejected Toysoldier Thor as a valid name (as was the experience of so many others).  The rejection and service block message from Google provided me my options.  One of them was to APPEAL their decision.

So, I appealed that decision and provided them five of my other sites where the account on the site was under the persona of TOYSOLDIER THOR.  My facebook™, my twitter, my, my, my own website.  I submitted my appeal and wait for their decision.

After 3 days I received the following response from Google....


Thanks for sending us your appeal. You're right: your name does comply with the Google+ Names Policy. Your name has been updated on your Google+ profile. If you submitted the appeal during sign up, your profile has now been restored. Log in to Google+.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

The Google+ team.

I am very happy that the Google Team was logical and pragmatic and understood that in this era of the Internet, that a real life person could legitimately carry on a unique independent identity from their own real life that is part of a community completely independent from the community of the real life person.

Thumbs Up to Google !