Almost as a symbol of Toy's commitment to understand and start developing SecondLife 3D Mesh, in the first couple days of 2012 Toy created and imported his first Mesh Model into SecondLife. 

This was not planned.  The perfect timing of Toy's creation of a 3D model created as a photo model to create a series of  2D artworks and an announcement from the University of Western Australia (UWA) of a 3D Artists challenge inspired Toy attempt to bring his new model into SL for an entry to this challenge.

After a marathon of trying to get an extremely high rez sculptris model (not designed to be used as a SL mesh) into SL via several export/import processes, Toy got a workable SL mesh of the SWIMMERS into SL.  He only had 5 hours left to create a submission for this UWA event.  He accomplished his goal.  You can see a SL photo of his submission as it sits at the UWA event.

Toy's submission has the Swimmers couple escaping from swirling arrive to their goals.  Toy included a displayed copy of the 2D artwork that was used as a template for the SL 3D submission.
Toy initially was inspired to freehand sculpt a 3D digital model in a tool called Sculptris.  After 2 days of creating this model, it was digitally photographed and integrated into the first of a few 2D photo art works called SWIMMERS - THE ARRIVAL.

When Toy received an announcement from the coordinator of the UWA 3D Artists Challenge of the up-coming "Self Portraits" challenge, he felt his recent work would be a good candidate.  It only had a 2 day entry deadline.  Toy decided to make his first attempt to import his 3D model into SL as a Mesh.  If he could, he would try to make a submission resembling the 2D artwork. 
Toy is very humbled to be an entrant among several of the other Artists and their absolutely amazing submissions at this UWA challenge that officially opened for all to see as of January 5th 2012.  The theme of the challenge is called "SELF PORTRAIT".  Toy strongly encourages all his friends in SL to come tour this event and be amazed at how some of the first public examples of SL Artistic Mesh models can look.  Remember that you must have a viewer that is MESH Capable.

Below is the poster of the challenge.  Click on the image below to link to the official blog providing all the details of the event.

Hope to see you all there and please remember to vote for the