On Sunday Morning in the virtual world of SecondLife (at 1am SLT)  the amazing builders and owners of the LOOKING GLASS sim ( Location "Horizon Dream 20/24/27" ) hosted an amazing concert of lights sights and sounds!

I took countless SL photos during the concert and decided to create my first ever Video!

The 1+ hour spectacular show of moving flowing virtual world light particles was a feast for the eyes of all audience members that sat around the gorgoues greek temple ruins on the top of a perfect landscape mound.  As our eyes were dazzled by fireworks of moving lights, the amazing electronic music sounds added the amazing blend of emotions to the incredible lights.

TheLights spectacular was created by the amazing Particle Artist INTERFACED DREAMSCAPE!  The music was created by the talented works of NUVOLINO.

Unfortunately this video is only a collage of several photos I took of the show as my mind melted into the stimulation of sight and sounds.  I was lucky enough for Nuvolino to provide me a sample of his incredible music that was used for this show.

Hopefully this small video of images provides you a small taste of the beauty that was created by these Artists within SECONDLIFE.