All  ARRIVED   @ KeyWest Island Resort....

First . . .    August 2nd, 2013 arrived....
Then . . .   8pm SLT arrived....
Then . .     57 pumped up "Ready To Party" Avatars arrived...

Finally . . . Toy arrived   inside a wall of flames at his custom made mesh crooked stick microphone singing Trooper's "We're Here For A Good Time" . . .

and Toy's Rockin' Da Radio Dance Party was ON !!

During all his promotion of this event, he wanted it clear he is just a passionate SecondLife® Karaoke singer who loves singing is fave rock tunes over a blasting radio.  He didn't want to shock anyone in the audience that would think "WOW - this dude is just singing over top of the radio... he's not a professional gig singer like all the other amazing musicians that KeyWest Island Resort has".

So, it was a very pleasant surprise for Toy to see so many people show up for this event even knowing the quality of singing they were about to witness.

What Toy wanted was a Rockin' Party & Dance event where people could come, let their hair down, and fully engage in the event, dance, come on stage, and just have a hell of a lot of fun!  He didn't want the typical live / DJ events that are common in SL where the musician stands on stage and entertains the crowd while the crowd all quietly stands there and gets entertained.  For this event, Toy's singing was the catalyst and the crowd WAS THE ENTERTAINMENT !!

And that is exactly what transpired for the entire TWO HOUR event.
Toy Workin his Crooked Stick Mic!
KeyWest Venue Owner Liz Harley Workn' Da Pole & showing off her hot legs!
Thanks to Liz and the KeyWest venue, Toy was allowed to build a custom DANCE PAD up in the sky that was filled with the atmosphere to get the party crowd rockn! 

There were speaker cone dance poles all over the pad and most of them were being ridden hard by so many of the sexy hot ladies that showed up in their finest smokn' hot outfits.

Interestingly, and Toy was not complaining, there seemed to be a high population of sheer black stockings being worn by the ladies.  Hoping its a new trend.
The event started with 57 dancing party-goers.  And even though Toy sang for just under 2 hours with other amazing live musicians having their events at the top of the 2nd hour, the crowd stayed very strong at 45 and ended with a very healthy 30 when it ended.  No one could have asked for more.

Another amazing highlight to the event was the amazing hot RADIO ROCKERS Dance Troop that came with matching sizzling sexy outfits.  They wowed both Toy and the crowd all night with their coordinated dances to Toy's rocking tunes.  Even ladies in the crowd commented after the event to Toy how sexy they all looked and were a major plus to the atmosphere.
Of course who at the event could miss or forget the arrival and front stage sensual grind dancing by the likes of Chillee Hernandoz and Thalia Saramango. 

They got up on stage and swung their perfect poundage in rhythm to Toy's tunes - showing all those on-stage skinny girls how its to be done!  At a couple point, they made for two sexy slices of white bread for a Toy Sandwich!

All the time, Toy kept screaming out his fave rock tunes from bands like Nickelback, Staind, Volbeat, Coldplay, Daughtry, and even some country & blues tunes from Eagles, Urban, J. Reid, and Blue Rodeo.  Toy didn't think his voice would hold out for 2 hours (to some - they quietly didn't think it held out from the first note - LOL), but it did!
Chillee & Thalia - showin' the Skinny Girls how its done!
All in All, Toy's Rockin' Da Radio Dance Party was a smashing success by all accounts heard so far.  It will be something that will surely be planned again in the future.  The hope is that all those that were not able to attend this event because of bad timing will be able to make the next one.

Toy wants to send out thanks to all those that helped him hold this event.  Liz for triggering the idea and asking Toy to do this.  Syd for coordinating the Radio Rocker Dance Troop.  The Dance Troop that volunteered.  Rachael Young for coming to my rescue at the last minute to make my mic animation work.  Coreo for her hosting support during the event.  And a big thanks to all those that attended and provide both Toy and the venue with their amazing generous tips!!  It was truly appreciated !!!

And......  Keep your eyes out for the next Toy's Rockin' Da Radio Dance Party !!!
Full view of Toy's Dance Pad @ KeyWest Island during that heat of the party (click to enlarge)