Event Details
Begins:      April 23rd, 2011
Ends:         May 20th, 2011 
Location:  The amazing
ROSE THEATRE  - 2nd Foor "Art Galleries" Section
                      SURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/227/72/35

"Infernal Visions" - Exhibit's Theme
Toysoldier Thor is honored to have been invited to show a selection of his artworks at one of SecondLife's most amazing locations of architectural building wonders - the spendid grandeur of the Rose Theatre.

Upon a chance meeting with the Rose Theatre Curator, Kylie Sabra took the time to explore Toy's Main Art Gallery.  From her tour of Toy's art gallery, Kylie envisioned hosting a showing of Toy's art at the Rose Theatre with a theme that focused on a common theme she saw in many of Toy's art - the colors of REDS and BLACKS.  These colors tend to integrate as an important aspect of several of Toy's art.  Intensity and harsh contrasts blend with these Reds and Blacks to express an intensity and almost a dark anger or loneliness in his works.

The name of "INFERNAL VISIONS" came forward by Kylie as an exhibit title that best captures this theme.  Kylie and Toy worked together to select samples of Toy's works that best fit this Infernal Visions theme.

Toysoldier Thor and the Rose Theatre would be honored to have you visit the Infernal Visions Art exhibit at the Rose Theatre.  While there, please explore the several other art exhibits current being hosted by the Rose Theatre and explore this amazing example of SecondLife architect design and craftsmanship.

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