A very exciting milestone passed by yesterday evening - July 30th 2011...
After only 2 weeks since Toy's Art Gallery Grand Opening event "Mirages of Art" on July 17th-18th, the gallery welcomed its 500th Visitor!

Toy could not be more shocked and happy at the overwhelming response from the SecondLife residents and its vibrant art community to have reached 500 visitors in just under 2 weeks since it opened its doors.
SecondLife Destination Guide Listing
Although Toy could attribute a lot of this success to a strong awareness promotion campaign within many of the active online SL Media outlets, twitter, SL blogs, and SL's official forums, the primary factor to this heavy traffic has been Linden Lab placing Toys Art Gallery and the Mirages of Art exhibit into their official SecondLife Destination Guide

Toy is not sure how his event got noticed by Linden Labs to the extent that it was placed an official Destination Guide listing, but he wants to express appreciation to whomever at Linden Lab that visited the Gallery, took photos, and added the gallery to the Destination guide.

SL Newsers - Gallery Review Article
Another potential reason for the amazing traffic was a recent full and detailed Exhibit Review/Article from the SECONDLIFE NEWSER online magazine.  As was described in a recent ToyTalks Shouts blog posting pointed out, the review was so well written and offered a glowing review of the exciting features of Toy's gallery and the 50 works of art that visitors would experience when visiting.

As Toy continues to create new artworks, he will be placing them into the gallery to keep display of art fresh for repeat visitors.  He also encourages visitors who wish to have a beautiful and peaceful place to relax and slow dance under the mystical flowing stars on his top floor patio to please send as much time as they wish.

Toy wishes to thank everyone that both helped promote his new gallery & Mirages Of Art exhibit and more importantly to all SecondLife residents that love and support the vibrant art community within SL.

If you have not yet visited the Art Gallery, you are welcomed with open arms.  If you wish to receive any updates Toy's art and gallery activities please follow postings on this site.  Alternatively you could join Toy's Art Gallery Group in-world.  The "subscribeomatic" group signup kiosk can be found on the top floor of his gallery.

Thanks again everyone!

Toysoldier Thor

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