Wednesday Jan 23rd is Toy's 5th Rez Day !!

To celebrate Toy's aging Avatar, he is hosting a party AND he will be doing a 1 hour (maybe more) karaoke singing gig at the patio on top of his Art Gallery.


Toy's Art Gallery - Top Floor Patio

Date & Time:  
Wednesday Jan 23  @ 9pm SLT

Toy ain't some amazing SL live singer like you all spend your tips on at other SL event.   But Toy will share his long time love of SL Karaoke with all his friends.  Toy has been doing Karaoke since summer of 2008 and loves growling out the rock tunes with his friends he sings with at Olounge and other open mic gigs.  Toy loves to Rock with the Radio (just like you all do in your cars).  It will be a fun time & he will pass the mic on to anyone else in the audience when he's done buring out your ears!

So, if you got nothing to do on Wednesday night at aroung 9pm SLT, get your ass over to Toy's Art Gallery and lets all have a fun time to celebrate this old Toy turning 5 years old!

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