Along with the rest of humanity, I witnessed with shock, then horror, and then deep sadness as the citizens of Japan had to and continues to endure one of the most significant examples of the Mother Nature ever displayed.  Her power was at a magnitude that defied belief as the world watched or worse yet had to actually experience first-hand how she treated mankind and its creations like they were simply toys in a sandbox.

As my eyes and mind were glued to the TV and Internet in a vain attempt to grasp the magnitude of the loss and disruption of humanity in Japan, my overwhelming feeling was clear.  It was a profound sense of SADNESS for all those in Japan who suffered and continues to suffer as a direct result of Mother Nature's wrath.  There was no anger - how could anyone be angry at Mother Nature?  It was an act of God that simply must be accepted.

BUT in the days immediately after the devastation, a new, growing, and potentially more devastating subsequent disaster began to unfold.  Unlike the first two disasters brought on by Mother Nature, this disaster was one created by Man.  This was a disaster that was setup years and even decades prior to Mother Nature pulling the trigger on this disaster.  This was the nuclear disaster that unfolded at the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi plant.  All of us around the world know this hard to pronounce name now as it joins "3 Mile Island" and "Chernobyl".

Also, unlike the twin disasters brought on by Mother Nature which instilled SADNESS, this nuclear disaster brought up deep levels of ANGER that grew almost each hour that I watched how the Japanese Government and moreso TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) appeared to spend more time each day trying to cover-up, hide, and deceive Japanese citizens and the world than they did in doing everything in their power to prevent a nuclear crisis.  Each day as world experts stood helplessly on the sidelines - knowing full well how bad the situation likely was - TEPCO and the Japanese Government continued to fumble to primarily save their investment and then to eventually later to get this nuclear monster wrestled down while speaking with FORK TONGUES each day on they were on top of it.  Yet each day their story got worse and worse as they revealed more of their hidden truths. 

As we all now know for the most part it was a cover-up that failed.  Not only failed, but because of their historic culture of cover-ups and incompetence on managing a Nuclear operations in Japan, TEPCO and the Japanese Government put their own fellow citizens and even the world in greater danger by not being transparent with the world until it was too late and/or to obvious to hide the horrid situation from the public. 

It should also be noted that these Nuclear FORK TONGUES did not start wagging after the disaster this year.  Their deceptions to the public has been going on for decades.  From when the plants were designed and built in a location that already placed these plants in a potentially dangerous situation that anyone with common sense would say was a stupid location for Nuclear plant - the most active earthquake zone in the world and right along the ocean shoreline nearly at sea-level (not at a  higher elevation).  Even at that, their "failsafe" protections were far from failsafe (as has now been clearly proven) - backup power supplies right at the same elevation and location as the plant?? And for convenience - their spent rods pools in the same location as the main reactor.  But... "Fork Tongues" assured the Japanese public that these plants were safe in the location and condition they were in.  Why?  Likely to save money - this from a company that I heard had generated about $18US Billion in profit last year? That would have bought a lot of upgraded and retrofitted plants to ensure the safety of the world.  Now we all pay!

So.... this artwork is a symbol of my deep anger at those authorities of TEPCO, the Japanese Government, and even all those others around the world that are authorities of the Nuclear industry who dismiss the monumental dangers they are responsible to contain - all in the name of PROFITS. 

This work is a 3D mixed media art illustrates the Japanese National symbol resting like a pearl in the Oyster of this bed of lies, deceit, and snake-like fork tongues.  The sick greenish/brown colored textures of these fork tongues wrap around Japan's symbol and as a result of the lies... the sickness begins to infest the bottom of this symbol.  This 3D designed model (using Sculptris to shape, texture, color) was then photographed and placed over a couple backdrop textures from the amazing PAREEERICA as well as one of my private personal textures.

This art will be part of my SL Inworld Art Gallery

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