On Sunday June 2nd 2013. I was sitting at my main computer just popping around all my relevant sites like my SL Marketplace Merchant store, my art presence on DeviantArt.com, my art presence on Koinup.com, my SL Facebook account, and others.  Just was checking to see how things were going.  

Then I went to my FLICKR account to see how things were going there.  I guess it was my statistics review of top selling SL Marketplace items that piqued my interest on what are my most viewed and most "interesting" and popular artworks in my FLICKR page. 

Before I get into what are these "TOP X" submissions in my Flickr account, let me give a little story about my Flickr account and how its birth tied to a milestone of me starting my passion and hobby as a Digital Artist.

It is strange to know when one's new career or hobby or passion started to the exact day, but this is the case for me and my passion to explore my more ARTISTIC path in my life. I guess I always had that in me but it wasn't until the April 2010 SecondLife Fantasy Faire where my entry into a "Photo Contest" had me ending up winning 2nd place and it kick-started my career/role as a "Digital Artist". It was also on that day when I won 2nd place that I posted my FIRST ARTISTIC FLICKR photo submission. Prior to that date I only had 3 older images used to hold some group logos.  That date was April 20, 2010.

If you go to my inworld SecondLife Art Gallery you will see a lot of the artworks I have created since April 20th, 2010. But, if you want to see pretty much ALL of my created artworks, experiments, RL photos, textures, and basically any images I captured since this date, then my FLICKR account is the place to explore. It has a lot of works which I didn't think were worthy of placing in my art gallery - which already stands at 5 floors tall.

Now, one really cool feature of sites like Flickr is that it has a highly detailed account statistics section where you can see all kinds of information on all your submitted photos into your stream. 
My 1st SL Artwork - click to Flickr Page
Well I decided to analyse and and compile these statistics for my Flickr stream and create a blog post about it - what you are reading now.  After looking at these FLICKR STATS, I have summarized some cool TOP X images that I will now share with you.  

The first general statistic is that as of the day I posted this blog I have submitted 176 images in total and they have been view 36,079 times up to today.  

To answer another question of "Why is your account called TOYSOLDIER98?".  That name came from my initial YAHOO account since Flickr is owned by Yahoo.  I have held some version of the name "Toysoldier" since I first came onto the Internet back in about 1994.  When I finally joined Yahoo chat rooms in 1998, there already was a "Toysoldier" so I just added the year to the end of it.

What I already have mentioned and you can see the image of it above, the first artistic Flickr submission I made was on April 20th, 2010 and it was called:
"Fantasy Faire 2010 - Sector Sci Fi"  ( 208 views, 2 faves, 6 comments )

One thing to point out is that if you click any of the images, you will go to the actual flickr page.  This will not only show you a larger image but I also provide a lot of "artist comments" for each work.  So feel free to click any image.

Here is the awards to my TOP 3 VIEWED Flickr images.  Top viewed means that the count does not take into account if the image had any "faves" or "comments" - it was just visited and viewed.  Following are the top 3:
Here are the statistics for the 3 TOP VIEWED shown above:

1st - Voyeur (1407 views)
2nd - Much To Lose (707 views)
3rd - Glow On Grunge Street (682 views)

Here are the awards for my TOP 3 MOST INTERESTING Flickr images.  They are deemed most interesting to Flickr stats because they have the highest combination of Faves / Comments counts 
Here are the statistics for the 3 MOST INTERESTING images.  The numbers in the brackets are (views/faves/comments):

1st - Prairie Winter ( 486 / 18 / 104 )
2nd - Fall Reflections ( 419 / 18 / 39 )
3rd - IronHorse Express ( 286 / 22 / 55 )

Some things to about the winners and their statistics. 

Viewing and popularity counts can be highly misleading since some works are older than others or I put more time promoting a submission into more Flickr groups, or other reasons.  Also, in the most popular list, Prairie Winter was my only recognized formal award winning artwork I ever created in SecondLife.  Fall Reflections is by far my most popular selling artwork in both SecondLife and MarketPlace. 

As for the fact that the 1st place Most Viewed being "Voyeur"... ^snicker^  I think that is because there are a lot of people with sensual naughty minds out there that like being... well... VOYEURS!  That is likely why it is by a factor of 2:1 higher in view count then the next highest views yet it only had 12 faves and 16 comments.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my little "TOYS FLICKR TOPS X TOUR"

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