This is my first Blog entry…. EVER! 

So OK… in my long ( I do mean Loonggg as I first connected onto the Internet with a dialup modem back in about 1994) life on the Internet I have created more online user-group & forum postings than grains of sand on a beach.  Countless of these postings could be blogs in their own right because of their length and depth of topic.  In fact, I have a well known tendency to run-on in depth about many stories I tell.

Once I get engaged in a topic that stimulates me – and a lot do – then I am in instant typing mode and before I know it I have already created a 500+ word thread posting.  Often loaded with spelling mistakes since I will openly admit that I am a horrid speller and the online forum spell checkers are terribly slow and not that stable.

I have even on a couple occasions been asked to be a regular blogger for their sites as a way from them to attract more traffic.  It must be my wide-ranging opinions and passionate expression of provocative ideas in the face of “The Establishment”.  Hell, I am sure Linden Lab has a photo of “Toysoldier Thor” posted in their lunchroom in the form of a "MOST WANTED" poster often asking themselves "why does he seem to hates us so much and criticizes everything we do?".  To you LL Staff that are asking that question – I will make that topic one of my future blog postings.

With all that being said, I am sure most of you that know me would think, “For Toy to blog would be as natural and easy as walking”.  And yet here I have sat in front of this big whitespace on my “NEW BLOG ENTRY” page on my screen for almost a week – every time just closing it and working on some other part of my new Blog site.

It is not for a lack of having anything to say.  My head is oozing from every orifice with topics I would like to express my 2+ cents on.  Some of the ideas I have include my frustration and also possible ideas about latest SL hot topic of REDZONE, and topics around SL / SLM commerce, and my entry into the new competing grids of Inworldz and Avination, and even about the topic of “why does Toy seem to hate us at LL?”.  (PS – I don’t but that will be explained later)

I think the reason I am lost for words and even a bit nervous about my first blog is likely because I seem to have an increased feeling of ownership about the thoughts that I will be expressing here.  The completeness of the thoughts I wish to express in a blog must more fully assured than my random and impromptu thoughts I have been known to express in forum posting.

So, I am going to end this blog now by just welcoming myself to the world of Blogging.  Hopefully this first mindless rambling Blog Post will break the ice for me.  Strangely, I feel like this first blog entry is the equivalent of the Seinfeld TV series - a lot of writing with nothing of real content said to you all. 

:)  Well I promise the next one will be better.

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