BIG BIG NEWS regarding both my inworld LANDSCAPE STORE & ART GALLERY!  If you are a past customer or visitor - please read on.

Toy's Landscapes Store  and Art Gallery

NEW LANDMARK IS :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lafew/219/178/80

Just to give you some background and details.  In early July, my landlord of the land & mall where my Landscapes store has been for about three years (and more recently where I build my art gallery about 1000 meters above (not to mention my home) made a very tough decision to shut down her parcel of land and consolidate all her land holdings onto the new entire sim that she owned.

Although  she fully knew how painful it was for both her and I to move all we had both established on this parcel of land, it was the right decision for her and even me.  By moving to a complete sim, my landlord has much more control of lag and also she can get her sim reset if she wants.  

With the much larger space, my landlord has also offered me a much larger parcel of land to rebuild my store and gallery on.  This is very big news as the area of the parcel is large enough that I was able to merge my landscapes store & art gallery together and accessible from one new landmark.

I was also able to redesign my new art gallery to be much larger per floor with a nice new entrance.  This gives me more room for my new 3D Mesh art statues / sculptures to be display.  My Landscapes Store also has much more room to demo my sculpty landscape designs.  Potential customers can walk through the demo area and see how some of my sculpty terrains look LIVE !

Sky view of Toy's new Landscape Store & Art Gallery @Lafew sim

Why was it painful?  Well if you are a merchant or art gallery owner in SL then you would know.  If not let me tell you, when you move to a new land, not only is there the major hassle of rebuilding your existing store / gallery on a know parcel of land, but more painful is the 1000's of Landmarks you have given out to all your visitors and customers and potential customers over the years are immediately DEAD & INVALID !!  Also, I have to open every one of my artowrks, sculpty packs, vendors that have the old LMs and replace them with the new LM.  This also means replacing packs that are in my Marketplace and changing links in my website.  ITS A MAJOR PAIN.

It has been so painful that I was inspired to develop a new SL Grid Wide solution to solve it - called VIRTUAL LANDMARKS.  My previous blog posting tells it all.  I have made it my mission to fix this massive weakness in SL regarding hard coded LMs.

Anyway, I really do hope you come visit my new digs.  Its all different now!  If you have visited my Landscapes store - its new and bigger.  If you recently visited my Art Gallery - its new bigger and has a lot of new art including 3D mesh.

Hope to see you soon! 

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